Coming Soon – 4 Part Series on Replacing the fresh water plumbing system.

Since we bought DreamChaser, we have noticed that we can’t leave the fresh water pump on all of the time, due to the many leaks in the fresh water system.

In our last boat, LastAffair, we replaced the plumbing with PEX lines in that boat and were really happy with the way it turned out.

PEX is a brand name but essentially it is long runs of partially flexible lines that can be run and tee’d off of or bent around sweeping turns to reduce the number of fittings in a plumbing job.

We started this project on DreamChaser and will be documenting it in 4 parts with pictures and video for all of it.   We will break the work down into the following categories:

  • Preparation work and removal of the old plumbing lines.
  • Running the PEX line and connecting fittings.
  • Designing a water manifold (or distribution system for the runs to the fixtures).
  • Connecting the new faucets, showers, etc, as well as cleanup.
I look forward to seeing you return for the 4 part series.   For those wondering why this would be done in 4 parts, it comes down to looking at how long viewers of our website (and Youtube channel) tend to watch a video.  Because we saw the average time for our videos was just under 5 minutes, we made the assumption it would be better to break these up into smaller segments of data.
Thank you again for your support.   May you be blessed with fair winds and a gentle following sea.

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