The Crew

Gil Lhotka
I have worked in the Software Consulting business since the early 90’s and worked hard including travel away from home.   When we decided to move from our landlocked sailing lake near Dallas, TX, the company I work for was very generous and allowed me to be closer to the Texas coast where I could sail on larger water.  The great thing about this type of work and company is that as long as I can do my job and get to the customer sites, I need to get to, the location I live is not an issue.  In the last two years, we have been able to sail along the Gulf coast and stay in different places.


Debbie Lhotka
De b is an animal lover both personally and professionally. When we were first married Deb worked at EDS, then worked for a Vet, Horse Breeding Farm, Volunteered for a Dog Rescue group, Volunteered at a local Spay Neuter Clinic, was an Animal Control Officer, Kennel Manager and the Director of a Private Animal shelter. We have been together since the late 80’s and still enjoy each others company every day. Deb has been the “Project Manager” to ensure we keep on progressing toward our dream and does a great job of balancing out the conservative approach I tend to take to decisions.

Feline CrewFeline Crew
If you are going to have Pets on a boat, you may as well name them after the things that are near and dear to your heart.  Perkins (the cat curled up nearest the camera is named after the engine manufacturer on Last Affair.  He is a Scottish Fold and doesn’t venture too far from the comforts of his bed.  He cries when we bring him up in the cockpit and is just happier down below.

Tiki is the Bengal that we rescued in 2014 and has joined our crew furthest from the camera in this picture.  She has a damaged nerve in her front leg, so while the leg is there, she doesn’t use it.  The reality is that it doesn’t slow her down one bit.  She still gets what we refer to as “The Rips” and sprints from one end of the boat to the other.  She also loves to go up on deck, so we often have to keep an eye out and be sure we don’t close the hatch while she ventured up top without us noticing.