Git-Rot Penetrating Epoxy

Using Penetrating Epoxy (Git-Rot) to repair a bulkhead

I never thought that this topic would be as popular, but it certainly has been.  On our last boat, we had a bulkhead that had a bit of rot in it from a leaking port prior to us buying it.  Before I ripped it out to replace it, I tried to use a penetrating epoxy from Git Rot and it worked wonderfully.  I filmed every step of the process in hopes that it may help others and this one video still ranks as our highest viewed video (of over 200 others) on our youtube channel.

Here are a couple of links on Amazon for the product (in 2 different sizes).  These are affiliate links and if you happen to order form one of these links the product doesn’t cost you any more, but I get a small affiliate commission for doing so.  I thank you in advance for using these links for your purchase of any Git-Rot you may use.


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