Featured Image - Trim around Round Port

Removing all fixed ports and trim

Last week the yard was working on the deck and preparing the transitions between the gunwale and the deck as well as the deck to the coach house.  With the …

Happy New Year

Happy New Year !

Quick update for New Years.  Deb, Chasity, McKinlee and I wish you a Safe and Prosperous New year.

Featured image - Sunset in Campground

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Crew of S/V DreamChaser. I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, but please know that we wish you a joyous holiday whichever flavor …

Featured Image - Boat in the Water Fiberglassing the decks

Fiberglassing the Deck (and where we are staying)

Last week we shared that we are going to be getting some fiberglass work done on the boat.  We are going to be doing the decks and coach house.  While …

Featured Image - Before and After Paint

Splashdown – We are back in the water !

It has been a busy few weeks of work at the boatyard.  The yard has been working as have we.  We talked to the yard about getting the decks and …

Featured Image - We are going to Fiberglass the Decks

The Black paint goes on the hull and we sand, a LOT

This week the painting of the hull continues.  The yard did some finish work on the white paint and taped and masked off the boat for the second color.  We …

Featured Image - Mast Work begins

The Hull gets paint and the Mast work starts

This week (Last week of November 2017) results in some significant progress on the boat. After the priming we done last week, it allowed any fairing of the hull or …

Featured Image-Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving !!

Deb, Chazzy, Swab and myself would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  It is one of those times of year to reflect on the things that we …

Featured Image - Getting her fist coat of primer

Sanding the Hull, Priming and fairing the hull

Last week we hauled DreamChaser up onto the hard at Mayer Yacht Services in New Orleans.  We shared a little bit last week on why we chose Mike Mayers yard. …

Featured Image - Hanging in the Straps

DreamChaser goes up on the hard

As you likely saw last week, we sailed !!!  Yeah.  But where were we sailing to?  We were sailing to the Shipyard.  We needed some work done on the boat. …