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Merry Christmas – Enjoy a behind the scenes view on the making of MardiGras

We took a break from projects this week to do a bit of traveling for the Christmas Holiday to visit with our children and grandchildren as well as my mother, sister, and brother and their families.

We decided before taking the road trip from New Orleans to Dallas that we would take the Grandsquids (The nickname we call the grandkids, it is truly a term of endearment) down into New Orleans for a little bit of a taste of the City with a trip to Cafe Du Monde for Beignets.  When my daughter was a teenager, she and I did a weekly brunch date that lasted for many years.  We would just go with the 2 of us to have breakfast, and it was an excellent way to stay close to each other.  We got a chance to talk about things in her life, and it was a wonderful way to bond even amongst the craziness of kids extracurricular activities and sports, and work, etc.
I wanted to start something with my grand-daughter the same way, and that was the intent of this breakfast.  Since we were going to go down to the French Quarter to the Original location of Cafe Du Monde, the whole family tagged along, and we decided to make a day of it.

After enjoying the beignets, it was time to do something attractive to all of us.  We had been explaining to Chasity that in the New Orleans area that kids get off for part of MardiGras and specifically Fat Tuesday.  We decided to take a tour of MardiGras world which is a company that sells the trailers that the floats are built on, and then they decorate and rent the props that the Krewes decorate the floats with based on the theme that year.

Watch the video below for an excellent way to see and hear the details about what it takes to build and prepare for the largest of the large Krewes for the MardiGras parade.  IF this link below is not working for you due to it being sent via email, you can click below on this link to go right to the video on our Youtube Channel.

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