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Leaking Temporary Port Repair

If you recall, I had put in a temporary Lexan port when the port window cracked.  I decided to make a temporary repair because we had intended to replace the coach-house wall last spring, but didn’t get to it.
I now need to do it in the next couple of months, and I have my confidence and motivation back.  But the other day we had a massive rainstorm, and there was water running in pretty hard from the port.  It turned out to be that the teak outer skin had come loose from the rotted substrate and it pulled the port out from its spot.

This led to a pretty big hole allowing the water in.   I went ahead and cut and removed the port and then cleaned up its mounting surface as well as all of the chalk sealants off the Lexan itself.

I then cut some small wooden frames from 1/2″ plywood as my temporary mount and sealed the port back in its place with butyl tape on the inside mating surface as well as between the Lexan and the outer frame.  I installed some screws through pre-drilled holes to keep the frame from splitting.

This is by NO means a permanent solution but is a real test and only needs to do the trick for a month or so before the whole wall comes out and gets glassed over and painted white.

See the video below along with some cute footage of the grand kiddo singing into a toy like a microphone.  She is a cutie pie.

If you are receiving this blog via email or on a device that won’t play the embedded video, click this link for the video directly on Youtube.  The link is https://youtu.be/56O4MoR75tY

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