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Sailing Kemah to New Orleans – Part 4

We left the Morgan City dock in the morning to get in line at the next set of locks.  Deb fixed a great breakfast again with eggs, potato and cheese burritos.  There is something magical about food prepped while under way.

We had a great sail for a little while after going through the locks.  We passed a lot of barges and grabbed a few videos while under way.

We sailed in the rain for a while while the girls went down below to stay dry.  The rain was a welcome change but one of the things I hadn’t considered in my prep work of the boat before we left for this trip was to waterproof the bimini again.  It usually lasts a couple of years when we use 303 spray on waterproofing for the sunbrella fabric, however after the boat being at the brokerage dock for almost 2 years, the waterproofing was just about gone.
So while I didn’t get direct rain drops from the sky on me, I did get the residual dripping from inside the bimini and was soaked through and through.  It was summer time so the cool shower was welcomed.

As the front came through the wind certainly picked up so we rolled in the sails and just motored due to lack of visibility.  I knew I had a 6 pack tug and barge ahead of me so when I could not longer see him due to visibility, I kept an eye on him through the AIS display.

In this video attached, you will see a detailed instruction of how I have been able to tune my AIS filters to make them very useful, specifically for traversing the ICW.

In the video below you can see Part 54of our trip.  Check out the others as well as this is a 5 or 6 part series (the number will be determined based on the footage
You can also check out the whole playlist here Sailing to New Orleans Playlist on SVDreamChaser’s YouTube channel

If you are receiving this blog via email or on a device that won’t play the embedded video, click this link for the video directly on Youtube.  The link is https://youtu.be/5vms8grqEoc

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