Fiberglass Deck Box Project – Parts list and links

For some projects, it makes sense to post the materials and tools we used.  In our Video Series on “How to make a Fiberglass Deck Box“, we referenced several tools as well as supplies that we used when doing this project.  After a few inquiries, I thought it made sense to organize those items in a way that makes it easy to see what they were as well as where to find them.

(Note these are affiliate links so if you buy from these links, we get a small referral fee from Amazon)   In no way are we being paid to endorse any of these products, they are the ones we used, and we have provided our honest assessment of their use.

Tools  (In the order they appeared in the video Series)

The roller above

is the one we now

recommend after

not having great

results with the

small foam one

Materials (In the order they appeared in the video series)

If you need any other supplies, you can see them here or search for what your favorite brand right from here.

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