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The one thing that saves me time AND money

We are fans of Amazon and more specifically Amazon Prime.  Are you not familiar with Amazon Prime?   It is a program from Amazon that bundles a metric shit ton value for anyone that uses just a few of the benefits of Amazon.

And tonight Amazon Prime Day starts.  That means in addition to all the great benefits that we get by being members of Prime, there are thousands of savings and deals being announced every hour.  Prime day starts on Monday, July 10th at 6 pm PST and goes for 3o hours.

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Here are the things we use daily and weekly.

  • Amazon Prime Video – Unlimited free streaming of movies and TV episodes.
  • Free 2 day shipping on eligible items (When we put a link on our blog to an item we use, we almost always provide the link to the Prime eligible items for the free shipping)
  • Amazon Prime Music – Unlimited free streaming of more than 1 million songs.
  • Prime Reading – Borrow books, magazines and more from a library of titles
  • Kindle lending library – Access to share books with othKindledle users expanding the free use of books significantly.
  • Free Audible (Audible books) for individual titles

Other significant benefits that we just don’t use but would be useful for many others (And this is just a portion of what they offer)

  • Prime Photos – Free unlimited storage of photos securely in the cloud
  • Prime Pantry – when purchasing food, it allows items to be shipped together in a single box reducing any potential shipping costs
  • Free same day delivery in some zip codes (just wait until they drop packages with drones some day)
  • Amazon Restaurants – One hour delivery from restaurants in eligible zip codes.
  • Amazon Dash – This is just cool, but not practical for us.  You can get these little buttons that you push and it auto orders a particular item for you.  Like put one in your laundry room, and when you run low on laundry detergent, you press the button, and it is at your house two days later.

A few years ago all retailers were worried about what Walmart was doing.  Nowadays every retailer is concerned about what Amazon is doing.  With their recent acquisition of Whole Foods, who knows what the future will hold.  I do know that the benefits that will continue to be added to the Prime service will make it better and better.

We save hundreds of dollars on shipping alone.  If we used nothing else, this would be worth the cost of prime ($79 bucks or something like that a year).  But we stream movies, shows, and tons of music all for free as well.

I will be watching for killer deals on things that I may need in the next few months during PrimeDay which goes through Tuesday the 11th.  There will be some boxes heading my way, I am sure

Check it out, if it is of interest, here is the link

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